The Weekend Left A Good Impression

It’s been an extraordinarily rainy weekend. Rainy and windy, which means that all the windows facing south and east are providing a rather impressionistic view of the world.  This hazy, beautiful view inspired some watching of Amazon Prime videos to learn more about Paul Durand-Ruel, an avid believer in the Impressionist art movement, at a time when they were scorned, mocked and slandered by most of Europe. I was rather cheered to learn that America gave that particular art movement heaps of support and love—something that Europe couldn’t be arsed to do.

Rather than link you to the Amazon Prime videos, I’ll give you this NPR article, Durand-Ruel: The Art Dealer Who Liked Impressionists Before They Were Cool.

And as one of those open-minded Americans, I’ll now share my Impressionistic weekend view of the world with you.

I call this one “Tree With A Nice Tush Ignoring The House”  It was created with the use of an ancient Virgin Mobile slide-keyboard phone, and a patio door screen.

Next we have “Kneeling On Carpet While Being Pestered By A Cat And Gazing Over The Deck Railing”

And lastly, my proudest effort, entitled “I’m Not Sweeping That”.

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