Elves Can Read!
TotalLunar Eclipse finds an old childrens book from his shelf and sits down at his desk, “I can read this.”
 zaida Gearbox peeks over lunar’s shoulder, “which one?”
TotalLunar Eclipse reads aloud, “Some woman who couldn’t build so she had to resort to moving into footwear.”
TotalLunar Eclipse looks over the story, “A long time ago upon the island of noobs was a young woman in a polka dot dress. It was dreadfully pink and her hair was… well let’s not go into too much detail about that. As much as she tried all she could do was create lovely plywood boxes.  ‘But I don’t want to live in a plywood box! and I am too cheap to buy a prefab!’ she exclaimed.”
River Hazel ROFL – don’t talke about me like that!
TotalLunar Eclipse gives River a pointed look. “So she gave up on learning the trade and wasn’t too smart to ask for freebies.”
Ceejay Writer encourages Lunar to continue, needing filler for the next magazine.
TotalLunar Eclipse: Oh you can quote me on this Ceejay
Ceejay Writer: \o/ Then please go on, in detail!
zaida Gearbox sticks out her bottom lip
Holly: note to self: wear something pink and gawdsaful frilly to the next town meeting.
TotalLunar Eclipse: “Eventually, after going to many many dance clubs and other… notable… places she met this giant. Oh the fun they had together, and their courtship began. *CENSORED* Eventually came the green text of a swollen belly.”
River Hazel  THAT’S AWFUL! dies laughing
Otenth Håkon Paderborn guffaws
TotalLunar Eclipse: “By now the giant left her for a mer, and how could she raise this prim child in a plywood box? So she ran into his massive house and stole one of his shoes into inventory and ran out before he could ban her. She rezzed the shoe and made herself a nice happy home. There was green text everywhere, and she had to buy them ‘accessories’.  So she starved them, beat them soundly and took them back into inventory…. the end.”
River Hazel: awwwww.  how hard is miz tensai laughing?
TotalLunar Eclipse shuts the book
Storytime with Lunar
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Lori Alden Holuta

Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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