Steampunk Crocheted Wig Progress Report #3

As if the absurdity of the Steampunk Crocheted Wig Progress Report #2 and Steampunk Crocheted Wig Progress Report #1 weren’t enough, we’re still not done! I suspect two more progress reports after this one. Yeah, it’s taking me a while, as I’m only working on this in fits and starts.

So, at the conclusion of our last thrilling episode, I basically had a cap with a roundy tubular brim sewed around it, and long strands of yarn hanging down.  I taunted you about having scooped all those strands up into a bun. Here it tis! Purdy, huh?

More like absurd. See that little thingy on the tabletop? It’s a bunwarmer!

I pulled the bunwarmer over all those raggedly strands of yarn ends which I’d gathered with an elastic hair band for ease… but then tied tight with a strand of yarn. Those elastic bands eventually rot and snap.  Bad!  (ooooh, in the pic below, Miss Mannie Quinn’s profile shadow is on the sunporch wall. Spooky!)

Next, I grabbed a lot of long straight pins and started stabbing ruffles to her head, however it suited my fancy.

This sucker’s getting back-heavy, and at this point can’t stand up on it’s own. I’ll definitely need the four plastic hair combs I bought, which I’ll sew inside the cap so it can hang onto my hair for extra traction. Below you can see how raggedy the tops of the curls look. I wasn’t worried about that, the cure for raggedy spots is more curls!

I also made one extra-long curl, which I pinned in a back-and-forth zigzag to cover up the messy tops of the curls shown above.  Then I added a braid to encircle the edge of the wig. 

I think it was about here I decided I didn’t like the braid around the crown.  But that’s why the head is styrofoam, and everything’s pinned. So stuff can be played around with.

I do like the curls down the back, but want some shorter, looser curls around the sides, to resemble the little corkscrew curls women often pull free around their hairline.

And I will need SOMEthing to dress up that bunwarmer!  Looks like a dinner roll balanced on Mannie Quinn’s head.  Pass the butter.

Next post you can see what happened when I made more small, loose curls and tried a new arrangement!   By the way, this wig is actually a deep, almost burgundy color.  Sunlight makes it look much lighter.

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4 Replies to “Steampunk Crocheted Wig Progress Report #3”

  1. I am so impressed! Never seen anything like that, but wowsers! That would be fun to wear.

    And you are some wicked knitting lady, too. Wowsers #2

    1. Hmm. The color and length seem about right. There’s not eugnoh hair to make a large bun by itself, but if you put some mold underneath- tissue paper or styrofoam or something- it’d probably stay up. Also you may or may not want to take a hair straightener to some of the curls to make them slightly smoother; depending on how you want your interpretation of her hair to look.

      1. You could make the bun-cap any size you wish, and then stuff it with cotton batting (or anything soft, really) to bulk it up to the desired size. The curls could definitely be crocheted in different ways – I’d recommend experimenting with some test-yarn till you get the curl you like. Using two single crochet stitches in the curls rather than three per chain would loosen them some, too!

        It’s all about experimenting till you get what you like. And that’s a lot of the fun!

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