Prim Perfect Celebrates Halloween

The Halloween issue of Prim Perfect is out! I’ve been sooo anticipating the release of this one, as it’s possibly the most fun I’ve had yet writing for the publication. Hanging out with Ceres Eilde and Cutea Benelli was a hoot – and roaming the strange and dark lands of Arkham, Dunwich and Kingsport was the scariest fun I’ve had in a long time.

You are really going to enjoy this issue. And! Once you’ve read it, you’re going to want to visit those Lovecraftian lands. What timing! There’s a Darke Carnival starting in Arkham on Thursday. I’ll see you there — if I’m still alive.

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs, when she’s not playing games with a cat named Chives. She’s fond of activities from the past, including canning and preserving, crochet and cooking. She’s learning how to make her own wines and cheeses. Her lifelong fascination with the Victorian era dovetails nicely with articles she has written for The Primgraph, a magazine which focused on historical eras in virtual worlds, as well as movie and book reviews for Steampunk Magazine. The Flight to Brassbright is her first novel, and is set in a quasi-Victorian era. She also serves as Editor-In-Chief for Penny Gaff Publications, a small independent publishing house which produces serial adventures in the old penny novel style. Ceejay Writer is Lori’s pseudonym and an existential being (avatar) in the virtual reality called Second Life. Ceejay is the author of many articles for Prim Perfect and Primgraph magazines. She has also written (and performed!) a variety of whimsical, word-wrenching burlesque acts and has a reputation as a punster. She built and barista-d the CocoaJava Cafe, a Steampunk coffee house, and the Java Jive, a coffeepot-shaped Prohibition Era jazz and burlesque club She’s currently a marooned pirate, lounging on a tropical isle, where she’s built the grid’s first and possibly only Pirate Library, the Mary Read Stealing Lending Library. She has a digital Siamese cat and a scripted talking parrot.