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The Duality of Reality

Greetings from Ceejay’s typist! This is the first actual ‘new’ post in this website. While there are oodles of other posts, they are older, having been imported from a google blog that is no longer in use.  If you’ve linked in the past to Ceejay’s World, you can remove that link and hopefully will be inclined to now link to this site, which is Ceejay’s very own registered domain. She feels so ‘real’ its rather unnerving to her! Now I will hush and let her talk.

… is she done now? Good. Ceejay here, and I wanted to talk about how utterly surreal it is to have a virtual reality wrapped around your shoulders like a warm cloak.  Yes, you heard that right. I am an avatar in a virtual world and right now my typist (that’s the lady that lends me her fingers so I can talk) is in the midst of writing a book about the story of my life.  My reality is having another reality layered over – and somehow, that feels normal.

So far, I know where I came from and a bit about my family – I know how I spent my childhood and teenage years. Before she started this project, I honestly didn’t have a clue, but every time she adds words to that document, they become real to me.  I’m both excited and terrified to see what my past-future holds!

A bit confusing, isn’t it? Well, confusion is something I’m very familiar, and even comfortable with. So, I really don’t mind being dragged along on this journey of self-discovery.

Since I seem to be her ‘muse’, or so she says, I have the notion to make my new website here sorta a hybrid, covering the realms where we cross over.  I’ll no doubt share a lot of news from my reality – the virtual world of Second Life, where I live, work and play.

But there’s hope that  the typist may share some of her thoughts on the art of writing here, too. And that’s okay, cause it affects me a lot, right?  I’ll get her to set up a category called “Writing” for those sorta posts.  We’d both welcome your attention and comments as we strive to finish this shared adventure.

Thanks as always for reading!





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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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