Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies

This simple, delicious cookie is a Christmas family tradition I inherited from my mother in law. My husband has enjoyed these cookies since he was a child, and still gets excited about the prospect of enjoying one or possibly six. His inner child is never far from the surface, and can always be lured out with a tasty treat.

I found a nice article about this cookie that ran in the Chicago Tribune in April, 2015. It seems the Holutas are not the only family that adores Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies! The article goes into some detail about the challenge of obtaining the mint surprise. In a pinch, Andes mint candies will work, but it’s best to try to find a minty, chocolatey disk. If you’ve discovered a good, reliable source, let me know about it. I’m currently using the last of my Trader Joe’s UFO stash, and some Ghiradelli dark chocolate baking wafers.