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I’m an earthmomma by nature and choice. Years ago I wrote articles about Living Simply at my website called… Living Simply. For fun, I’ve reposted some of the content of that site here at A License To Quill. If there are other simple living topics you’d like me to write about, I’ll certainly entertain the notion.

I’ll also use the category “Living Simply” for any blog posts that tie in to this mindframe, too.

A Forager’s Guide To Wild Mint
Here’s another installment in our Forager’s Guide series. Mint is versatile, fun, fragrant and easy to identify.

A Forager’s Guide To Dandelions
Dandelions have been deliberately cultivated in Europe for hundreds of years. Learn how to harvest and enjoy this plentiful little blossom as a part of a healthy diet.

A Forager’s Guide To Chamomile
The medicinal value of chamomile is truly astonishing. It may be a tiny, simple flower, but you will want to harvest as much as possible in order to explore its many uses.

Paint Your Wagon: Homemade Paint
You’ve created something wonderful from bits and pieces of wood or vines, and can’t wait to give it that finishing touch. Does it make sense now to dash off to a hardware store and buy a commercial paint to finish off your homemade project?

Churn Your Own Butter
Churning your own butter creates a fresh product with no extra additives, and is a lot of fun to do. Let your children make butter while you cook dinner, and they will work up a good appetite as well as being proud of their contribution to the table.

Natural Colors To Dye For
Next time you begin a sewing, knitting, tatting or crochet project, why not plan ahead to dye it yourself with natural colors from your yard?

Canning & Preserving: An Introduction To Methods And Equipment
A lesson for beginners who would like to start canning and preserving their own foods.

Canning & Preserving: Jellies and Jams
Learn what’s needed to create great jellies and jams for your family. As a special bonus, I´ll tell you what to do if your jelly doesn´t gel.

Good Neighbors Seasons 1-3 and Season 4 
Wondering how I became interested in living a self-sufficient lifestyle? The answer is in this classic British television series.

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