Instant Hot Cocoa Mix

It's super easy to blend your own hot cocoa mix. Keep this in a tightly sealed plastic container. Just give the container a couple of firm shakes to re-blend the dry ingredients before using. There is no salt added, making it a healthier choice than store-bought packaged mixes for those wishing to lower their sodium intake.

Bubbly Flatbread

Flatbread is such a versatile, happy bread. We’ve been using it a lot lately to create low sodium dinners. It’s fun to use as a crust for a personal pizza, to build an epic sandwich, or to just slap on a slice of cheese and warm it in the microwave for a cozy snack. Continue reading “Bubbly Flatbread”

Low-So Dilly Spears

If you are new to the low sodium lifestyle, you’ll need to be a bit patient with yourself while your taste buds ‘gear down’. At first, you’ll miss the salt. But after a week or two, low sodium foods will start to taste better and become more satisfying. Continue reading “Low-So Dilly Spears”

City and Country Croutons

When I was a kid, my gramma would always tell me to “eat the crusts, they’ll make your hair curly”. She might as well have told me to “eat the crusts, they’ll make your face fall off”. The last thing I wanted back then was curly hair. But I was an obedient child and did eat my crusts. Perhaps that’s why I now have very curly hair. Continue reading “City and Country Croutons”

Two Day Refried Beans

Homemade refried beans require little effort, but do need a long, lazy simmer on the back of the stove. For perfectly smooth and silky beans, follow the simmer with an overnight nap in the fridge, then a warm-up and short simmer the next day just before serving. Continue reading “Two Day Refried Beans”