Yak & Yeti, Free Items and Free Smiles

While wandering about this morning in search of suitable locations for an article I am writing for the Primgraph, I stumbled upon a sweet little shop that has captured my heart. Yak & Yeti: Free Clothing For Free Avatars. Everything in this cute little shop in Salzburg is free. There’s men’s and women’s clothing, including some pretty saris, lots of Indian dresses and just all sorts of things! Even the ornate trunk upstairs, the lush rug under your feet and the cute round sitting-pillows are free.

But what really did me in was finding the little Red Panda, a friend that can sit on my shoulder. A Red Panda. This is something intensely personal to my typist, as she lost a dear friend a few years back, who’s totem was the Red Panda. I have never encountered one in Second Life before today. Just… I was near tears, happy ones.

There is a donation box, completely voluntary. I suggest dropping some lindens in if you are able.

Primgraph Issue #3 Is Available!

The Primgraph — “The Metaverse Magazine for the 1740s-1920s sims within Second Life” has released Issue 3.

The “Read The Publication” link will open up the magazine in a lovely viewer that lets you leaf through the pages.

The “Download” link will gain you a .pdf file you can save on your hard drive.

If I might be so bold as to nudge your hand a bit, I might help you turn to page 81. *smile* Especially if you like Burlesque.

And might I re-mention Issue 2 which contained an article I wrote centered around life in New Babbage? (“Welcome, Stranger”, Page 20)