Steam Pirate’s Derby – Do You Dare?

The last of his crew, he was known as Gut Spiller John. He was hanged for piracy a month ago, and surely has taken the secret of Black Finger’s treasure to the grave… or has he?


He was the first mate, and he was the worst of them. Some say he was even worse than Black Finger himself… He just liked the killing, he loved to slice a sailors belly open and leave him to die slow. Some say that’s why he was the one that Black Finger entrusted with the location of the treasure, because he didn’t care about stealing it for himself…


Pirate Derby-poster

The Armada Scoundrel Fleet

is proud to present
Saturday, June 29th, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Armada Scoundrel Fleet HQ

As part of Swashbucklers for Life, a weekend of events to support Relay for Life, the SL effort to raise funds for the American Cancer Society to FIGHT CANCER! Donations to ASF Scoundrels for Life are encouraged.

What’s a pirate like most? Treasure and Glory, that’s what! The ASF Steam Pirates Derby is an event that will test ALL your pirate skills in a Dash for Treasure! Think you have the skills to be the baddest of them all? Well, here’s your chance to prove it!!

The Derby consists of a race in a rickety steam powered ship, following a map to the TREASURE! It’s buried on an island, you see, and you need to go claim it. But that’s just the beginning! The other pirates will be gunning for your ship, and for YOU! There may be unforeseen hazards along the way.

But you won’t be left defenseless – donning a special HUD will supply you with a compass and weapons, as well as a health meter. You may find upgrades along the way!

ALL you need to do is work your way through the clues and be the first back to Scoundrel HQ with the treasure!! You may take the chance to slow the competition by shooting their ship, or temporarily killing them. Oh, and you must SURVIVE the attempt…

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The Burning Of Armada Breakaway


Armada Breakaway and Commander Vernden Jervil
Armada Breakaway and Commander Vernden Jervil. Photograph by Junie Ginsberg

As the coming weekend ends, so will Armada Breakaway. It is an Armadan tradition to burn when you go, and already the floating city is hot with the growing flames.  They will reach their peak this weekend, and then the city will vanish to smoke and ember, but hopefully will live on in everyone’s dreams and memories.

Amongst the citizens of Armada is a small, unruly faction known as the Scoundrel Fleet. These notorious pirates have secured an island in the Blake Sea (or they may have possibly thrown the previous inhabitants to the sharks). This island will provide a safe (?) haven to continue our traditional “Tall Tales and Outright Lies” story nights, as well as ironclad practice and general mayhem at “Chaos!”

You are cordially invited to help give Armada Breakaway a proper sendoff. Mark these events on your calendar, and we will see you there!

Dance While Armada Burns
Saturday, January 26th, 6-9pm slt
The Sovereign, Armada Breakaway
Come celebrate Armada Breakaway while you can!  First we have the Armada Sirens dance troupe.  Then, Ahnyanka Delphin DJ’s as we party while the floating city burns. This is literally your last chance to see, as Sunday the Lindens cast their net and tow it in.

February 17, 2013: 6:30 till ? slt
Tall Tales and Outright Lies
Collaborative story – The Exodus from Armada
Scoundrel Fleet Headquarters, Blake Bay

On February 17th starting at 6:30pm slt, We will be having a Tall Tales special event, telling the story of the fleet’s flight from Armada on the spot. All are welcome to watch or participate in the event. Currently we are looking at doing the story in 3 sections:

Part 1: The Fire

A number of fires started on Armada for various and unrelated reasons at the same time. Participants are encouraged to tell how they saw one of the fires starting, or how they heard a fire started. Or how they saw a fire and are sure it is Bob’s fault. Once we have a good blaze going…

Part 2: The Escape

The actual flight from the floating city. Grab what you can and run in boats, warships, rafts, or whatever else you can find and make for the remote island that the Scoundrel fleet discovered. I am told they may have been people living there that needed to be evicted as we moved in, method left up to the individual storyteller.

Part 3: A New Home

The Scoundrel Fleet’s first days in their new home. Setting up the beginnings of a base camp, scouring for resources. Erecting the first structures. Then taking to first steps to regain our position as the terror of the seas.

A few notes for people who are not part of Armada or the fleet and may wish to contribute:

You are still more then welcome to come participate in the story, or just watch it unfold. The two ideas that first come to my mind is that you just happened to visit the city on the wrong day and have to escape the fire with everone else. Alternately, if you want to adopt a new persona for the night just to participate, we will not mind at all. You could even redshirt such an individual if you feel the tale needs some tragedy. Of course any other ideas are also welcome.

As a last note, feel free to come with material prepared, but be ready to adjust it in process if it doesn’t quite fit what is going on. I hope to see you all there!

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The Great Armadan Fire Sale

As land Sales in Armada have dipped critically low we have decided to sell plots for free, with a commitment of 4 weeks tier that is. Come live among the pirates of Armada. Or just have a stake in it when we finally burn the place down!

Edge of Armada commons 720 sq m
197 prims
1888L$ for down payment

Open Sea West: 2016 sq. m.
553 prims
1327 L$/week
5308L$ for down payment

Floating Forest: 960 sq m
263 prims
631 L$/week
2524L$ for down payment

Open Sea 5: 1936 sq m
531 prims
5104L$ for down payment

Open Sea 9: 2640 sq m
725 prims
6960L$ for down payment

Armada Southwest 1: 1040 sq m
286 prims
686 L$/week
2744 L$ for down payment

Armada Southwest 2: 960 sq m
263 prims
631 L$/week
2524 L$ for down payment


Welcome to the crew of Armada Breakaway! Here is the info about your parcel and the covenant. If you need further explanation or assistance, please contact a member of the council at your earliest convenience.

Council Office

Armada Website

Commodore, Vernden Jervil

Secondary contacts:
Robin Sprocket
Ceejay Writer

First Tier Due within 7 days of purchase, payable directly to the tier payment system located here

Property is purchased from Armada and tier is due weekly based on the specifications of the parcel. Tier more than 7 days overdue may result in the parcel being reclaimed. Tier may be paid up to 12 weeks in advance. More by special arrangement. The Armada Council must be informed of any change of parcel ownership.

Stalls, booths, and the port shops are not given a grace period and may be reclaimed upon the tier going overdue.

Because Armada is given to grand exploration, we encourage all parcel owners to tie their builds into the neighboring parcels wherever possible and to include spaces for walking/swimming/slithering as fits your build.

Terraform rights are available to parcel owners at a limit of 4 meters up or down. These are a rare privilege, and are not normally given out to parcel owners. Terraforming must also be appropriate to theme. Please no earthen smily faces and such.

Armada-Breakaway is a floating sim, with residents living on the water in the boat cities, under it in broken diving bells and sunken hulls, and over it in airships. It is a lost, breakaway region from another floating pirate city – that pirate city inspired by China Mieville’s story The Scar. However, during a great storm, this region was severed from the original pirate city and given up for lost. Instead of being destroyed, it clung to life, and was found by four explorers, and nurtured. Today, technology has evolved, shops and entertainment venues are thriving, and the numerous species Armada protects live fairly peacefully side by side.

Here are its rules:
RP is optional and/or encouraged.
You may see people engaged in role play [RP], which is essentially creative, contemporaneous development of a narrative with multiple people participating. Do not feel you must join in, nor frustrated if you do not understand all the facts. The players themselves may not understand the whole story either. We recommend that new RPers take the time to get to the narratives in play, some of which may be ongoing stories, spanning weeks or months. New players are welcome, especially those who are interested in weaving into existing storylines. There is more information to be found at the Armada Spruz (our community forum, and at our website. (Please see for more information).

All are welcome. Human, robot, children, mer, vamp, furry, tiny, etc are very welcome here. We would ask you to try to keep to a steampunkish theme. Freebies are available (huzzah!) in our welcome pack at the main TP point. Our officers also carry a copy of the welcome pack. Just ask them for a set.
No solicitation and or sex with child Avatars. This will get you a straight ban and your details will be passed to Linden Labs and thus your national police force. No second chances. Child Avs are very welcome here, one of the Council is an urchin, so they are protected.

Theme expectations. Builds and objects simwide below 1000m must adhere to the ‘floating pirate/steam city’ theme or it will be returned. Items left out on public spaces and/or in others’ builds will be returned. (The success of that return is according to the whim of Linden Labs and is entirely at the risk of the object owner.) No computers, save for thaumaturgy and steam driven items, no modern vehicles that rely on 21st century RL technology will be allowed. No cars (seriously, where would you drive them?).

No ban lines.
No temp rezzers. These have a terrible effect on sim lag.
No security orbs.
Locking doors for RP only.

No Public Nudity outdoors or in public areas. Performance permit may be requested for the indoor burlesque theater. We do this so that visitors will not be greeted by surprise exhibitionists and to reinforce the notion that standard levels of decency are important. Note to exhibitionists: this is not where you wish to be.

No griefing. Fighting/damage to be restricted to certain areas and RPs.

Sim administration reserves the right to refuse service & etc. to anyone deemed negatively impacting the community either by ignoring the theme, breaking the covenant, or forcing their will/opinions/beliefs etc. upon others without prior consent.

This covenant will not be updated to include restrictions without proper notification of all land owners. If you need clarification or have concerns, please contact a member of the Armada Council.

Thanks for being a part of Armada!

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Live at the Java Jive: Dilah Halostar

At 8pm slt tonight (November 24, 2012) Dilah Halostar brings one perfect hour of vocals and piano to the Java Jive, Seraph City’s Jazz Club. Seraph City is set ‘between the wars’; Dress between 1920’s to 1940’s is considered appropriate.

Well-versed in many genres, Dilah Halostar gives a variety-show with piano, flute and voice. She is a professional musician/singer in Real-Life with wonderful timing and range. She loves song requests and suggestions.

Dilah began piano lessons at the age of seven, and discovered the Torch Song at the age of 8. She had an ability and a passion for music that led to a music major in college. While in college she participated in theatrical productions from opera to variety shows before joining a road band and beginning her real life music education.

Versed in most types of music Dilah enjoys blues, standards and jazz in SL. Funny, warm and passionate, with a great vocal and emotional range, she lights up the stage whether singing or playing. She rocks like Jerry Lee Lewis and swings a great Country/Western tune. And she can improvise a mean blues song on the spot from topics of conversation in local chat. She calls them “wing-it blues”.

Featured on Magic SL Love Radio, Dilah delights her audiences with her own original songs and with covers of singers such as Eva Cassidy, Billy Holiday, Peggy Lee, Sade, Chicago, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Nina Simone, Minnie Riperton, etc., etc. Dilah loves requests and also suggestions.

Respected by her fellow performers in SL, Dilah has teamed up with Spirited Amore on Phantom of the Opera and on her own original songs with Thunderfoot Lorefield. The SL luthier, Mikki Miles, creator of medieval and Gorean instruments sells three songs that Dilah has written or arranged to put into his harp instrument so that minstrels can roleplay they are playing the harp. Her store can be found here. Look for a box on the floor under the sign “Contributions of SL Residents”

Dilah in action: The video was made by Pamila Tiponi of Creative IT

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A Skull-Rattling Armada Halloween Party

AHOY!  By direct order of Commander Vernden Jervil, Armadans and their friends will gather on The Sovereign in Armada Breakaway this Saturday, October 27th from 9pm to 11pm slt.

Sredni Eel of Avatar Bizarre will join us to play a mix of Pirate, Steampunk, Halloween and New Wave music.

Furthermore, it is requested that you arrive in costume. The sillier, the better.  (Our commander is quite fond of Silly Stuff.)  If ever there was a time to dig that mutant star goat costume out of your closet, this would be the night!


Before getting silly, you are highly encouraged to attend the 5th Annual Masquerade Ball at Piermont Landing  in New Babbage (prizes for the best dressed!) from 6pm to 9m slt.

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Vintage Halloween Costume Party at the Java Jive

DJ Misha brings her own brand of wonderful and sometimes wacky Jazz to Seraph City every Tuesday evening – tonight, since we are so close to Halloween, we’re making it a Vintage Costume Party!

You could be a movie star, a detective, a gangster, a superhero, or anything you can dream of as long as it fits the eras from the 1920’s through 1940’s.

And I’ll throw in a $L500 prize to the costume I think best suits the theme!

Save the date!  Tuesday, October 30th, 2012, 5pm to 7pm slt.

The Java Jive and Vintage Shops on Champagne Street, Seraph City

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Peter Jurasik joins The Blackened Mirror for a one-off special radio play!


Peter Jurasik, the well known American actor (Londo Mollari in Babylon 5, Sid the Snitch in Hill Street Blues) will be making a special appearance in a special spin off of The Blackened Mirror virtual TV series, to be broadcast on Sunday 14th October 2012.

Death in Velvet is a radio play, based on a short story by David Abbot, writer of The Blackened Mirror. It relates one of the adventures of Harland Quinn, Private Investigator (and the central character of The Blackened Mirror) , and is set in the dieselpunk location of Seraph City. Once again a dame walks into Quinn’s office … and this can mean only one thing – trouble!

“I’m delighted that Peter has agreed to appear,” says Scott Simpson, who plays Harland Quinn. “Peter is an old friend. It’s quite amazing that technology has progressed to the point where we can work together again without actually living in the same city!”

“I worked on a film years ago called Tron that was all about people exploring a virtual world,” says Peter Jurasik. “And now here is a series that is actually being created in a virtual world. Remarkable, when you think about it.”

The radio play will be broadcast as part of a special celebration for Second Life fans of The Blackened Mirror. The event will be a party at the Java Jive – a popular club in Seraph City in Second Life. As well as music from popular DJ Victor Mornington, three installments of the radio play will be broadcast during the course of the party, between 4pm – 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

So – is that the whole story? Not quite, says Saffia Widdershins, the show’s producer.

The Blackened Mirror is more than a TV series or a web series,” she explains. “It can be accessed via a range of social media – and games are an important part of it. We call this ‘fun noir’. There’s a game for Death in Velvet too – you’ll hear Parts 1 to 3… but the solution is in Part 4 – and we’re asking our listeners to guess what that solution is going to be!”

Although Death in Velvet will first be broadcast inworld, there will be a chance for people to hear the show on the web too. But, once again, to hear the episodes, you will have to be prepared to join in the challenges.

“There will be fun noir here too,” said Saffia. “Each episode will be on a hidden web page, and you will need to solve the clues to unlock the episodes!”

Peter Jurasik
Best known for his work on ‘Hill Street Blues’ as Sid and later in ‘Babylon 5’ as Londo, Peter Jurasik began his professional career as a stage actor working in off Broadway productions in New York and later in tours and regional theaters up and down the east coast. In 1975, he moved to Los Angeles beginning a twenty five year run as a character actor continuing to act on stage, but additionally working in feature films, in nightclubs doing comedy and especially on television with hundreds of TV appearances in both comedies and dramas.
For more details see:

The Blackened Mirror
The Blackened Mirror is a new show from the major virtual world TV network  – and a new type of media experience. It is an online series of short episodes, following the adventures of a cynical private investigator, Harland Quinn, who has a broken down office in a Depression-era city. Until one day a mysterious woman walks through his office door with her odd companion … and then things get progressively stranger. And after the episode has been aired there, it is available on its YouTube channel, or you can download it from the iTunes store. Or, of course, you’ll be able to watch it on

But that’s only the start of The Blackened Mirror, because it’s is more than just a virtual world TV show. Viewers/participants are able to find more information and win prizes by following a series of games and puzzles, called Fun Noir, within the virtual world of Second Life or through a variety of social media across the internet.

Seraph City
Seraph City is a location within the virtual world of Second Life. It is also the location for the offices of Harland Quinn, the private investigator at the heart of The Blackened Mirror. It has been created as a 1930s urban environment with stores, clubs, a movie theatre, a diner and a garage. It even has its own newspaper, the Daily Prim! And there is also an element of science fiction in a style known as dieselpunk, where the references are to Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come and other 1930s style visions of the future. The Java Jive, location for this event, is a popular jazz club in Seraph City.

Second Life
Second Life is the leading 3D virtual world filled with user-created content and immersive experiences. In Second Life, Residents meet and interact with friends around the world, enjoy entertainment from live music to role-playing games, explore unique environments and communities, and much more. Residents can also create, buy, and sell anything they can imagine, participating in the world’s largest user-generated virtual goods economy.

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The Federal Bureau of Amusement

A forgotten aspect of the FDR’s New Deal program, the FBA was created in 1934 to administer the equal and fair allotment of fun and good times to those who had been down in the dumps for awhile, culminating in the Great Cookout of 1936, the Wireless Bingo Program, and the Raging Kegger of ’39.  It still exists, providing bowling, skeeball, arcade games, rollerskating and mini-golf in its snazzy headquarters.

The Rather Impressive Front Doors

By direct presidential order from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Federal Bureau of Amusement was ordered to relocate to the metropolis of Seraph City.  Postal Autogyros were employed to lift up the building and its stores of amusitanium-sulfide to transfer to its new location in Seraph City , not far from the overhead rail and a golf ball’s throw from the upscale Sonatta Morales retail store.  Come explore, try out a few games, and win one for the gipper, or your honey, or yourself.

Bowling Beauty!


Two full levels of Mini-Golf.
For a better score, wear knickers and a jaunty cap.

After working up an appetite, do try the lunch counter! Ceejay recommends the BLT sandwich (heavy on the B, just enough T and only a trace of L) with a chocolate cone for dessert.  Yummy!

The newest social gathering point in Seraph City!
Mind that Laughing Sailor in the background, he’s hysterical.
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