The Federal Bureau of Amusement

A forgotten aspect of the FDR’s New Deal program, the FBA was created in 1934 to administer the equal and fair allotment of fun and good times to those who had been down in the dumps for awhile, culminating in the Great Cookout of 1936, the Wireless Bingo Program, and the Raging Kegger of ’39.  It still exists, providing bowling, skeeball, arcade games, rollerskating and mini-golf in its snazzy headquarters.

The Rather Impressive Front Doors

By direct presidential order from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Federal Bureau of Amusement was ordered to relocate to the metropolis of Seraph City.  Postal Autogyros were employed to lift up the building and its stores of amusitanium-sulfide to transfer to its new location in Seraph City , not far from the overhead rail and a golf ball’s throw from the upscale Sonatta Morales retail store.  Come explore, try out a few games, and win one for the gipper, or your honey, or yourself.

Bowling Beauty!


Two full levels of Mini-Golf.
For a better score, wear knickers and a jaunty cap.

After working up an appetite, do try the lunch counter! Ceejay recommends the BLT sandwich (heavy on the B, just enough T and only a trace of L) with a chocolate cone for dessert.  Yummy!

The newest social gathering point in Seraph City!
Mind that Laughing Sailor in the background, he’s hysterical.

Live at the Java Jive: Gigi Jasper and Steveeolio!

Tuesday, October 2nd, from 6-8pm slt, we are happy to present Gigi Jasper and Steveeolio, live!

Throw on your prohibition-era glad rags and dancing shoes, and brace yourself to be knocked on your ear by some of the best *live* Jazz on the grid. The Java Jive is in Seraph City, Second Life’s premier Dieselpunk sim. (Though, if you wish, come as you are – vintage clothing is encouraged but not mandatory!)

Gigi Jasper has always been a bit of a ‘closet’ singer, and while the shoe collection is always great to be with, shoes just don’t appreciate her repertoire like her friends and fans do. Ms. Jasper has an eclectic range reflecting the diversity of her influences. Gigi’s forte is vintage Jazz. Her sound is Peggy Lee-esque but with a seductive tone you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Join Gigi to experience her sultry, yet vulnerable sound that makes her performances truly unique.

Steveeolio (AKA Steve Hayden) is a Real-Life musician and Second Life entertainer who is a unique treat for the Jazz connoisseur. His vocals are simple, yet haunting and his guitar playing is simply sublime. Steve’s quirky sense of humour, combined with his sweet guitar stylings and hypnotizing vocals make his sets a must have experience in Second Life entertainment.

The Java Jive in Seraph City


American Precisionists Art at First Bank Gallery in Seraph City

American Precisionists


An Exhibition curated by Gstone Turas
Gstone Turas

Artists Charles Demuth and Charles Sheeler share much more than a first name and birth year.  Contemporaries, both were born in Pennsylvania; the center of  American steel production in the 19th and 20th centuries.  It was Pennsylvania steel that built the Empire State Building, the gates of the Panama Canal,  railroads, and heavy machinery of this dynamic era.

The works in this exhibition are reminders of a time when America took pride in and celebrated its accomplishments as the builder of the modern age. Mass production was the engine of progress.

This exhibition is purely for FAIR USE EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
First Bank Gallery in Seraph City is devoted to American Art from the first 1/2 of the 20th Century. In addition to First Bank Gallery, many Second Life residents and visitors have enjoyed the other art exhibits curated by Gstone Turas in the 1920s Berlin Project Sim at her Galerie Glitzern und Schicksal, and Swing Street Gallery in Swing Times Sim.Gstone’s mission is to use historical art as an opportunity to not just entertain, but to educate people about  world history during the period 1920 to 1950.  “It’s a way to foster understanding across international borders using virtual world tools”, she says.

Live at the Java Jive – Adevina Citron and Gigi Jasper

The Java Jive is pleased to bring that dynamic duo, Adevina Citron and Gigi Jasper back to the Java Jive stage. Please plan to come along and hear these rare voices on Tuesday, August 14th from 6-8pm slt.   Vintage dress (1920’s-1940’s) is always fun to wear in Seraph City, but feel free to come as you are!

The Jave Jive is located in Second Life’s premier Dieselpunk sim, Seraph City.

Adevina Citron

Whether it is taking you to a simpler time of early hits, a popping mix of contemporary rhythms that keep your feet tapping, or anything/everything in between, Adevina can deliver!

Gigi Jasper

Gigi brings high energy to her sweet and sassy songs. She’s mentioned she likes to sing “sweet songs, and some not so sweet ones too.”  No matter the tune, you’ll love hearing it energized by Gigi’s performance!

Armada Sings a Siren Song, Calling You Home

Armada Breakaway
Photograph by Victor1st Mornington

Armada Breakaway is a floating steampunk pirate city in Second Life, scrapped together from the bones of old boats and swarming with brigands of all types and creeds.

Armada Breakaway is inspired by China Mieville novel, “The Scar.”  And you can become a part of our story.  If you thrive in bracing ocean air (or ocean water, if you happen to be a mer), why not consider joining this close-knit community?

There is no land whatsoever in Armada, which makes for some creative living quarters. Residents live on boats, or airships moored above, or diving bells below.  Exploring the city is a constant adventure, as there are no ‘roads’.  You’ll learn how to scramble about as you get your sea legs.

It’s not such a harsh life, though. We have a thriving nightlife, pirate antics, a surprising array of shops, a coffee house, fine dining and special events.  Armada is not far from New Babbage, and a sister city to Mondrago.

Come visit us.Wander about, explore, be surprised, say ‘Ahoy!’ to others you meet.  If you think you’d like to make your home in Armada Breakaway, drop by our Welcome Center for rental information, or contact Vernden Jervil, Commodore of Armada.

(Click photographs to view in full size glory)

Armada Breakaway

The Great New Babbage Bar Crawl

Get your crawl on in New Babbage between June 1st – June 30th!

In New Babbage, drinking is the only activity that rivals building as the national past-time. To celebrate National Drinking Month, 21 bars have hidden 21 bottles for you to find. Can you find them all before you pass out?

We take no responsibility if your typist decides to play the home version of this hunt along with your avatar.

SLurl to starting location:

Come Hunt for Treasure in Armada Breakaway

Armada Treasure Hunt 2012

Very, very soon, Armada Breakaway will offer adventure and excitement to all citizens of Second Life – Get ready to explore the floating city in search of treasure!

Your adventure will begin at the Armada Welcome Center. 

You’ll be outfitted with what you need to begin your adventure. Along the way you will see amazing sights and stores all over Armada. Bring a big sack, as you’ll be plundering shops and collecting treasure along the way!

Features shops will include:

Weka Steam
Ying Research Factory
Weather or Not
Brackish Mer things
Storms Brewing Coffehouse
Arctor Shipyards

Keep an eye on that horizon for more news from Armada. And if you really want to train your spyglass on the city, why not join the Armada Breakaway group inworld? It’s open for all scallywags, ladies, gents, urchins, raiders, darkmers… anyone who enjoys the bracing salt air and mysterious waters of the deep.

This Sunday! The Virtuous and the Playful

Two intriguing events are offered this coming Sunday, March 18th – and if you are wishing to spend the day in well-rounded diversity, I believe these two events might bookend your day nicely.

Firstly, at 2pm the grand tradition of the Aether Salon continues.  If you have never attended Salon, I encourage you to do so.  Held once a month on the third Sunday, topics can range from the sublime to the absurd. You will find yourself both enlightened and entertained.  Oh, and there’s cake!

This month – Virtuosity!  Steadman Kondor will be discussing artistic photography and its presentation in Second Life, and reflect on his personal journey as an artist without formal training.

The salon straddles two sims in order to accomodate a large crowd.  Please join us at:

Later Sunday night from 8-9pm slt, put on those Prohibition era glad rags and skeedaddle over to the Java Jive in the decidedly Dieselpunk sim of Seraph City for a reunion of sorts!  Many of you will remember the New Champagne Rooms with it’s evening burlesque performances (always a ‘tasteful tease’).  The New Champagne Rooms were closed down by the local law enforcers for various violations (she says smiling, knowing this was all in the spirit of storytelling, and allowing for Ahnyanka Delphin to have some leisure, after many years of running the club.)  Ahnya is now a co-partner at the Java Jive – a Jazz venue in Seraph City. But lately, she’s been feeling the urge to get together a show, New Champagne Rooms style.

If you have never enjoyed seeing the Champagne Ladies on stage, do swing by!  Everyone is welcome (well, perhaps not the kids!), but let me assure you, if you are, perhaps, a single woman who’s ready to dismiss this event – don’t. Every guest is special and will be treated as such! I think you’ll have a fine time with these classy, sassy, fun ladies!

Performers Wanted! Live at Five at the Java Jive

If you are a  Second Life performer (or know of one that you can point to this article),  then you should know that I am a club owner in need of live entertainment! I am seeking a variety of singers, musicians, and comedians for my “Live at Five at the Java Jive” music hour on Sundays at, oddly enough, 5pm slt.  These gigs are one hour events, which ideally happen every Sunday.   If you perform live and can gear your act towards a vintage sim (we use a window of the 1920’s through 1940’s eras), I am interested in speaking with you.

The Venue: The Java Jive is one of the original buildings in the Prohibition-Era Dieselpunk sim of Seraph City. Recently the club was expanded to accommodate larger audiences. Along with my club partner, Ahnyanka Delphin, we have revamped a large corner of Seraph City. Together we manage the Java Jive, and also to my great delight, Ahnya does a wonderful job overseeing the vintage shops that flank the club on either side. We believe that the Java Jive and the vintage shopping area are complimentary to each other in providing a fun evening’s entertainment for our guests.

The venue is lavishly decorated in true Dieselpunk style.  It  has a full stage, a private dressing room if needed, animated microphone to enhance your act, tables to seat an audience as well as room to dance (and plenty of vintage dances in our Intan and singles dance balls!).  Beneath the club lies a speakeasy, only accessible though a secret door, of course.  The speakeasy features a bar, a Greedy Greedy table, another dance floor and a more casual ambiance.  Above the main floor is a balcony, which appeals to couples wishing to dance a little more privately while listening to the music, and there’s even rooftop access, great for sneaking out for a cigar break! I encourage you to stop by soon and take a look around.

If you are curious, you can read a little more about the history of the Java Jive, in this entry,  “The Java Jive Grows Up”.

About Live at Five at the Java Jive:  For many months, early on, Miss Andy Riverstone sang for one hour on Sundays at 5pm slt. This event became quite popular, and took on a reputation as a ‘date night’ event. Miss Riverstone retired to raise a family in RL, and the show was retired with full intent of reviving it again when the time was right. That time has arrived!

What Performers Need to Know:  If you are interested in performing, first of all, of course, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a notecard to Ceejay Writer, or contact me at While we do not normally pay to bring performers to the Java Jive, we do encourage you to of course put out your tip jar. We shall promote your performance in advance through various social medias, and strive to do all we can to encourage large crowds and tips. You’ll also benefit by becoming known amongst the vintage sims that are commonly called ‘the Steamlands’ (Caledon, Seraph City, Steelhead, New Babbage, Armada, and more) – and believe me, that is one huge potential audience. You may distribute information about yourself during your event at the Java Jive, which may help you gain other shows at other venues in the steamlands.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, I would quite enjoy hearing from you.  Let’s collaborate!

Mankind Tracer Live at Five at the Java Jive Tonight!

Tonight at 5pm SLT, Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan will perform for an hour at the Java Jive. This marks the revival of our “Live at Five” series on Sunday evenings!

From his website:
“After touring professionally for over 20 years with original and cover projects, Seth Regan now performs regulalry in the virtual world known as Second Life, a global community of millions. For the past 5 years under the name of Mankind Tracer, Seth has become known by many as the most popular and well known Live Performer in this planet wide community of millions globally and has received prestigious Awards including “Best Live Performer”, “Best Musician”, “Best Singer/Songwriter”, among others. He is the performer called on by Second Life founding company, Linden Lab, to headline their more widely known events such as the SL Birtdhay Parties and the Second Life equivalent of the Burning Man events.

Seth also presently holds the record with the most simultanous locations carrying his live Video Stream Broadcast during his 5 annual “Peace, Love and Belief V” on November 6, 2011. PLB V follows the previous PLB I, II, III and IV held in 2007, 08, 09 and 10 respectively.

Seth is an entrepreneur owning and operating two real life businesses. Even with his busy real life schedule, Seth has made time to devote to performing at charity and fundraiser events for Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), among others.”

Do come join us for an hour with Mankind, tonight… Live at Five!