Join Me at Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival Events

Fantasy Faire is back! This yearly event in Second Life to benefit Relay for Life opened to the public today. You can visit anytime to explore the fantastic realms, or attend special events, through May 10, 2020.

I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to attend these two events, part of the Literary Festival at Fantasy Faire that I’ll be hosting. And there’s heaps more for readers and writers to enjoy during the Literary Festival.

Tall Tales and Outright Lies
April 25, 2020
7:00am – 8:30am SLT (Second Life Time equals the Pacific Time Zone)
Tall Tales has been an every other Saturday event since back in the days when Armada Breakaway’s floating city struck dread into the hearts of all who drew near. Come along and share your own story-scribblings, or just relax and listen to others spin a yarn. (storytelling is in text.) Meet us at the Place of Stories at Khawr Maksar on Drifts of Anamnesis.

SandPapers – Desert Punk in Literature with Ceejay Writer
May 2, 2020
2:00pm – 3:00pm SLT
Is “Dune” desertpunk? What about “Treasure Island”? Let’s explore the possibilities while looking for an oasis in which to read and write desertpunk. This will be a discussion, not a lecture. Audience participation will be encouraged. Discussion will take place in open chat, not Voice, so that we may have a record of all the resources that will surely be mentioned. Join us at the Place of Stories at Khawr Maksar on Drifts of Anamnesis.

More information about Fantasy Faire, the Literary Festival, and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life are at the Fantasy Faire official website.

More Resources

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Calendar of Events

Tall Tales and Outright Lies Time Change Announcement

TONIGHT, Saturday the 14th, Tall Tales and Outright Lies says ‘phew!’ after its near-miss with Friday the 13th. Join us to share a story or just relax and listen to literary antics. 7:00-8:30 PM SLT. LAST CALL in this time slot!

Starting Saturday March 28th, we’re moving Tall Tales to a NEW TIME. It’s easy to remember, just change the PM to AM. Yep, we are flipping the egg of euphemism over in the pan of pontification, in hopes of luring American early birds and European non-night owls out for a bookish breakfast break. That’s 7:00-8:30 AM IN THE MORNING folks!

The CocoaJava Cafe 


An Island of Books

I recently set up a book shop on Book Island, a region in Second Life that celebrates books, readers, storytellers, authors – if it’s literary, it’s here. Come visit! I have a free book waiting for you, and a cozy chair to read it in. Book Island hosts many events, too – there’s author talks and readings, writing events to keep writers motivated, and lots of book shops like mine. My shop is located at

Every shop needs a sign, and this is mine
The view in from the sidewalk. That little book on the tentacle table? It’s free! You can have one. I’ve also added a free gift box with fun things and informative notecards to that table now, too.
Cozy Kitty chairs are for you to curl up in, relax, and read.
I don’t have radiators, but I do have a steamy cookbook to cozy up the place.
The book shop that also fulfills all your circus cannon needs. The “No Boom Today” is for sale for a mere ten Lindens. Just click it and buy one. It’s made of high quality old-school mesh and prims. Antiques are cool, right?
And I had a blank spot on a wall, so I thought, why not sell a few of my classic boats? The Clean Getaway is a seaworthy bubble blowing bathtub, and the Over Easy is both driveable and delicious. It can be consumed if you become shipwrecked on a desert island.
On a cool Autumn night, step inside to warm up and rest.
The street outside my shop is a gathering place for literary events. Isn’t this a nice neighborhood?