Æther Salon: Publishing Transcript

Last month I gave a talk at the Aether Salon in New Babbage, a virtual steampunk city in Second Life. There was a record crowd of avatars representing published writers, hopeful writers, and other interested folk. The transcript, along with the graphics from my slide show presentation (yes you can run a slide show in a virtual setting) has been posted. If you’d like to learn more about publishing, perhaps this will be of help. I had a lot of fun.

(Information of interest to Second Life residents). This transcript is permanently housed at the Aether Salon website. I am reprinting it here as a mirror, just in case those New Babbage urchins blow up the Salon building. Again. I encourage you to support the Aether Salon however you can. Attend a salon, put a coin in the tip jar to help the house and the speaker, tell friends about salon events… consider speaking on a topic dear to you at the Salon yourself!  Information about the Salon, and a group membership joiner is all at the Salon building in New Babbage.

Aether Salon: Publishing!

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Armada Does Leftovers

Armada Does Leftovers

What’s the best part of Thanksgiving?  No, not the football. Cog no, not the football.

It’s the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that!  It’s all those LEFTOVERS!  This year, Armada’s Scoundrel Fleet has decided to skip all the hard work of cooking a Thanksgiving feast and will be jumping DIRECTLY to the leftovers.

If you’d like to enjoy leftovers with the Scoundrel Fleet, come on by after the big day, anytime from November 29th through December 1st. We’ll have plank tables out at the “To Hull and Back” bar at Fleet Headquarters, situated on scenic Scarlet Bay in the Blake Sea.

You might even find a plate of your OWN leftovers, iffin you aren’t in the habit of locking your windows at night.

ALSO!  Look for Kimika Ying’s magnificent trebuchet, free gifts, a walking treasure tour of the island and who knows what else!

*ALERT!!* Sunday at 10am slt, the Scoundrel Fleet will be picking the tables clean. If you want to fight them for the last drumstick, come on by.

November 29th through December 1st, 2013
To Hull and Back Bar, Scoundrel Fleet HQ, Scarlet Bay, Blake Sea
Come by anytime! Enjoy a snack, have some fun, get a gift!

Skull~n~Bones: The Pirate Hunt 3

I haven’t done a hunt in quite some time – I love them but they DO take up a lot of time!  But I’m making an exception for this one.  After all, I AM a member of the Armada Scoundrel Fleet, the deadliest, most stylish pirate gang on the grid. And I haven’t added anything to my dredd wardrobe in quite some time!

Skull N Bones: The Pirate Hunt 3


Things to know:

  • Start Point:  Port Kastle Rock
  • The hunt runs August 1st – 31st, so it’s well underway. Get at it!
  • Each hunt item will cost you one linden. The hunt promises to have a male and female, or unisex item, at each location.
  • Inworld Group: Kastle Electric Hunters
  • Kastle Rock Hunts Blog

Now then, my personal thoughts. Pirates come in all shapes and sizes, and from lots of different eras. This hunt includes all sorts of styles.  Only you know what sort of pirate YOU are, so be prepared to pick through your booty for what actually works for you, or do what I’m doing, take a trip through a photo prize preview before you get to plundering.

Enjoy yer loot and getting acquainted with lots of stores you possibly didn’t know about!

Get Reading! Book Discussion on “Cinnamon and Gunpowder” coming October 20th

Cinnamon and Gunpowder


Mark your calendars now!  Join us in Second Life for a rousing discussion of a fine new novel which features pirates and food! Pick up yer copy of “Cinnamon and Gunpowder” by Eli Brown, just published on June 4, 2013, and get ta reading, when yer not pillaging or swabbing the decks.

The discussion will be held on Sunday, October 20th, 2013, 3:00-4:30pm slt at the Mary Read Stealing, er I mean Lending Library, on the Scoundrel Fleet’s island in Blake Sea. We will meet at the Mary Read-ing Room, next to the library.

“Cinnamon and Gunpowder” was featured on Indie Bound (Support Indie Books! Yar!)

“A swashbuckling story is always fun, especially when it includes a gourmet chef on board. Mad Hannah Mabbot, tall, red-headed pirate kidnaps a Lord’s chef, Owen Wedgewood, and tells him he must cook for her once a week. Highly entertaining in spite of the cruel methods of the day and the suffering caused by the Opium smuggling between China and England, which Hannah is determined to stop. A supporting cast of characters that will ‘shiver your timbers’ and Owen’s weekly meals for Hannah are an absolute riot – Owen has little in the way of ingredients and his kitchen, or galley, is minuscule and lacking in everything needed to cook gourmet meals. Read this and learn who Mr. Apples, Joshua, and The Brass Fox are and how they play a role in this wonderfully thrilling story of pirates on the high seas and in the kitchen! Exciting and a true delight.”

Steampunk Piracy Discussion at the Mary Read-ing Room

As part of the Swashbucklers for Life events last weekend, the Scoundrel Fleet sponsored a discussion near the Scoundrel Headquarters, at the Mary Read Library’s “Read-ing Room”

Although piracy was almost wiped out during the age of sail, the newest advances in  technology of the late 1800′s have allowed men of fortune to resume the noble trade of the seas. Commander Vernden Jervil, formerly of Armada Breakaway and now  shipwrecked retired in the Blake Sea, leads us in an hour of discussion about  advances in steampunk technology that have affected the pirate trade allowing our time honored profession to thrive on the land, sea and air. 

Commander Vernden Jervil did the research and led the discussion, which was fun and lively and too often included talk of bats. 🙂

First up is a gallery of photos taken at the event – I hurried, and will finish annotating them soon. Feel free to offer corrections or additions to the names of the attendees!

Beyond the photo gallery is a full transcript of the discussion, for your enlightenment and consternation.

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