Chaise-ing The Blues Away

(for those tuning in late, we moved in late February, and have been doing a lot of landscaping and home decor work ever since. For the first time in my life, I have a room of my very own that is not a bedroom. It’s exciting!)

The GirlCave is coming along. Yesterday my chaise arrived! Of course, I have to share it with Chives.



I still have a lot of blank wall space, and a stack of plastic bins that need to be elsewhere but just haven’t been ‘elsed’ yet, so you don’t get full-room pics as it’s just not shareworthy yet. But here’s a few teasers. There were three plain wood shelves on the wall, attached with utilitarian metal supports and brackets. Looked awful, so I attacked them with LACE.


And the most important spot in the room, where the writing happens, is quite pleasant, especially on days like today when I can have one or both windows open.

Speaking of Disappointing Politics and Snowstorms

William Henry Harrison gave the longest damn inaugural speech any president’s ever given, on March 4th, 1841. For an hour and forty five minutes a 68 year old guy shouted at a crowd IN THE MIDDLE OF A SNOWSTORM without wearing a hat, gloves or coat. After that, rather than getting some rest in the white house, he headed out to whoop it up at *multiple* parties.

His speech ended with “I have this day given to discharge all the high duties of my exalted station according to the best of my ability, and I shall enter upon their performance with entire confidence in the support of a just and generous people.”

What he actually managed to accomplish was to catch a cold, which turned into pneumonia and he died on April 4, 1841 exactly one month after taking the oath of office.

(This is historical entertainment. Rare for me to talk about government. Posting this does not mean I’m open to debate about current events. History sometimes lends perspective when faced with challenges.)

Smile? Okay!

When I was in 6th grade, I thought it would be fun to ride my Flexy Racer down one of the steepest streets in my hilly suburb. It was great fun! I sat on the Flexy and steered with my feet and felt pretty damn bad-ass. But the street ended in a sharp curve to the right, and I couldn’t negotiate it with my feet. I couldn’t brake either, since my feet were controlling the combination steering AND braking pedals. I hit the curb really hard, flew off the Flyer, and landed in the gutter pretty much face-first. I scraped my face pretty badly and chipped my front tooth. It was the week of school photos, too.

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Learning To Adult

I have three websites. One is a commercial site for chocolate and coffee, one is for promoting my books, and there’s this one – for whatever I damn well wish to write at any given moment.  Still here?  Buckle up, bumpy ride ahead.

This is going to be rather personal and probably a lot maudlin. Feel free to close the browser tab and I send no hard feelings if you do.  By way of explanation, a younger relative of mine is on the cusp of one of life’s greatest adventures – waving farewell to the parents and getting her own apartment. This got me remembering my own rite of passage. Those days are burned into my brain with the red-hot poker of nostalgia.

That’s the weirdest sentence I’ve yet written, but I stand by it. I can still remember the smallest of details. How the cheap wood floorboards creaked. The slam of the trunk of a Yellow Cab. The annoying crackle of a single paint-splattered speaker I laughingly called my ‘stereo system’. The squeaks of an air mattress every time I moved in the night.

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Happy New Year?

Try googling ‘alone on new years eve’ and you’ll be inundated with article titles that include the words ‘cope’, ‘freaking out’, ‘hate’, ‘depressed’ and ‘survive’.

Really? Really?

I love New Years eve. And New Years Day. And the whole week after New Years.  In my mindframe, it’s not a holiday. It’s a walk across a bridge into a fresh new year. I can leave my baggage at one end of the bridge and find new roads on the other side. My tradition is to take the first week of the new year off work, which helps me focus on my own needs and goals. I’ve spent December tidying up as many loose ends as I can manage, finishing projects, cleaning stuff up and generally tidying my life. I try not to take on any new projects or commitments in December – no new pressures are needed right then.

I say goodbye to the exiting year with a glass or three of bubbly and wake up to the new year watching my beloved Rose Parade. And then I take a deep breath and begin exploring this pile of new days, 365 of them, all heaped up and ready to dig into!

Many of my friends and family agonize over New Years Eve. I’ve noticed they feel a lot of social pressure to have a fabulous night out, whether anyone else expects it of them or not. There’s a lot of agonizing over finding someone to kiss at midnight. There’s a lot of plans for drinking to excess.  There’s that list of resolutions they’ve made and are already dreading.

So, let’s say you meet all those goals. You wake up on New Years day with a headache and a vague recollection of snogging someone who’s probably trying to remember who YOU are while reaching for the aspirin, too. Or even more awkwardly, they’re in your bathroom right now mooching all your aspirin. When they’ve finally finished messing up your kitchen, then drank all your coffee and evaporated, you’re left alone again, holding a resolution list and trying to figure out how to post something in Facebook that’ll make everything think your evening was fabulous, which will just make others like you feel the pressure to do the same. What did you have in common that might have kept you together longer than one night? Booze and the calendar?  The happily ever morning-after only happens in the movies.

You want a real happily ever after?  Resolve to life your life in ways that make you deeply happy, every day. And make others happy – be the kind of person someone might want to kiss at midnight the other 364 days of the year. Be nurturing of relationships. Nurture yourself! Don’t worry about what society expects of you on one night of the year – most of society isn’t living up to that hype either. Be content in who you are. Be happy that you’ve been gifted with a whole new year to do amazing things. And do have that champagne. It’s such lovely stuff.  Happy New Year!