A new film project has caught both my eye and my heart. It’s called “Olive”. I’ll be talking more about Olive in the weeks to come, and I hope you’ll stay with me for the full ride! Let me introduce you to the film and some of the people working hard to produce it. There’s a very good chance you will also be charmed by this story of life and hope, against the odds.

I’d like to introduce you to three good people who are helping Olive to thrive.
Aaron MartinezWriter and Director Aaron Martinez
We will be sending $60 Kickstarter supporters a real baby Olive tree to promote environmental awareness and help fund our film.  This was a big priority for me. I am not just making the film, I want the world to be beautiful for my children!
 Cinematographer  Sara Ross-SamkoSara Ross Samko
Fairy tales, hairy tales, children on the run, lovers on the run, runners on the run, rumors of a gun, hitting home, running home, lonely hearts, lonely hunters. Floating weeds, sumptuous flowers, voices in the water, heart music from space, a ring in her ear and a fly in your beer. Ghosties, gullumphs, buffoons, mad monks, kings and punks, jesters and skunks. There isn’t a soul you couldn’t learn to love if you only heard their story, and we all get to meet at the movies.
ProducKitStolention Designer Kit Stolen

To be an Anachronism is to be out of place for the time-period a person, object or idea currently inhabits… Naut is indicative of a profession that involves travel… A Chrononaut would be a ‘Time Traveler’ [Chronon being a unit of time]. As an Anachronism isn’t a substance, or space; one does not travel through it in the physical sense. Therefore Anachronaut is not a literal word. It is an abstract concept that implies a person who makes a journey through that mode of concept and style.

Stay tuned for more news about Olive soon!