Young Michigan Author’s Debut Novel is a Keeper

The Keeper Academy: The Legend of the Witch’s Woods is available for pre-order at Amazon, in either Kindle or paperback formats. M.E. Garrett is a talented teenage writer, and this is her debut novel. The book is an absorbing and thrilling Young Adult paranormal/romance adventure. Pre-order now and you’ll be cracking into chapter one on October 30th. Your pre-order will go a long way towards the book’s Amazon ranking on drop-day, too. Michiganders, she’s a local girl. Let’s support our ‘Gander teenage authors!

Fantasy Faire 2019 – Builders of Hope

Last year I was delighted to be invited to Fantasy Faire as a Literary Festival featured author, and I want to pay it back. This year, in honor of my dad, lost to lung cancer this past Autumn, I’m participating behind-the-scenes at the Faire, tending to some of the necessary proofreading, editing, and webmistressing. The Faire takes place in Second Life, as part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life events.

If you think that virtual worlds only exist to shoot zombies or run raids, think again. Second Life is a world – not a game. It’s completely created by its residents, and a lot goes on in here. This year our Literary Festival will welcome author Elizabeth Bear as our special guest, and we will pay tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin.

Fantasy Faire in Second Life has emerged anew from the mists of the virtual world to create a new and immersive fantasy-inspired experience each year for the past eleven years. Since the 2015 Faire, writers have gathered to pen new stories and poems inspired by the Fairelands as part of the annual LitFest. And though the Fairelands disappear back into the mists every year, the stories remain to inspire and transport.

Please click the poster to be taken to our press release – you’ll be taken to the Fantasy Faire website, so have a look around while you’re there. I’m especially invested in the Literary Festival, which you can find under the “Events” menu tab at the top of any page. We are still adding content as opening day approaches, but you won’t mind our dust, as it’s sparkly magical fairy dust!

Fantasy Faire 2019

Review: On Both Banks

It’s always a pleasure to edit a good book. I was delighted to assist author Clarence L. Harper IV by editing and formatting his strange, compelling book, which I’ve mentally branded with a new genre I made up myself: “Comfort Horror”.  Intrigued? You should be. I do recommend you sink deeply into this unique tale.

Review: Roots: Insights From the Tree Alphabet of Old Ireland

For a few decades, two old apple trees shared a back yard with me. Over the years I got to know them well. My canning shelves filled up with applesauce, pie filling, apple butter, and bags of dehydrated apple chips. There was nothing I didn’t know about my apple trees. Or so I thought.

Olivia Wylie’s book explores the connection between trees, ancient poetry, unusual botanical insights and a very old Irish writing system called Ogham. I was drawn back to the apple trees to learn more of their secrets.

Now I know that the apple tree is the embodiment of perseverance. I learned that Brehon law designates it as a Noble of the Wood. I learned how apple trees are connected to Beltane and Samhain, and why people of northern Europe depended on them for their very lives. I even learned about the apple trees connection to King Arthur and Avalon.

And that’s just one of the Ogham’s stories. Just one character in the language. There are twenty Ogham symbols, and each one carrys a rich treasure trove of meaning.

Olivia Wylie is not only the author of Roots: Insights From the Tree Alphabet of Old Ireland, she’s also the illustrator. Her artwork melds each tree with the Ogham in a delightful mix.

I quite recommend this book. In fact, I’m rooting for it! (I apologize).

How Logo Can You Go?

Logo created by Shane McElveen

Which Came First? The Chicken or the Pen?

As much as I’ve always loved the original rustic chicken logo created nine years ago by a friend, I felt it was time for an update.  Even though I’m not an artist, and clumsy at creating graphics, I’ve successfully created a new logo for The Little Red Pen, and am very pleased with it.

I used DesignEvo, an online logo maker that even I can understand and use. The process didn’t take long at all. I searched for “pen” in their template library and found a cute stubby pen making a swooshy line.  I played with fonts and wording, and found a rich red in the color pallet. And viola, here it is. My new logo.
After creating my logo, I chose to purchase the premium package, offered when I indicated I was ready to download my work.  I received a .zip file containing the logo in .jpg format, along with a high resolution 5000×5000 version. There’s also regular and transparent png files. There’s even vector files. I have a logo file for every occasion. 🙂

Besides the premium package, there’s a basic package that’s also a good value.  And if you’re willing to give credit to DesignEvo at your website or in social media, you can even download your creation for free.

Now you go play, and see what you can make! I’d love to see your new logo.


Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz

Announcing the release of the Clockhaven Chronicles 2nd Edition/2nd Episode! Congratulations are in order for Mr. P.S. Chambers for the publication and release of his second episode in the 4-part serialization, “Day of the Dragons”, from the Clockhaven Chronicles!

Day of the Dragons - Ballroom Blitz
Day of the Dragons – Ballroom Blitz

The Clockhaven Chronicles (2nd Edition/2nd Episode) – “Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz”, written by P.S. Chambers and illustrated by Ashley Walters is available TODAY at (and very soon at and Barnes&

Stanislaus Pulaski’s carefree days on sunny Curacao have vanished in a puff of smoke. Threats lurk in the shadows while more loom just beyond the horizon. If that were not enough, he can count on meddlesome friends beside him, beautiful women to beguile him, and situations that will try him. Yet Stan strives to persevere; still determined to build an airship, still searching for answers, still tinkering with his craft, still-mostly-clueless.

Penny Gaff novels are available in PDF, Nook and Kindle formats – and true to their name, your cost is very reasonable – no book over $1.99!  Have you read them all?

The Clockhaven Chronicles

Captive Sky, Truant Heart
A Singular Story: by P.S. Chambers

Day of the Dragons
Episode One: The Girl in the Corner
by P.S. Chambers

A Drop of the Venom
Episode One: Leviathan’s Bane
by Andrew McCurdy

Day of the Dragons

Episode Two: Ballroom Blitz
(PDF is ready; other formats coming very soon)


Andrew McCurdy’s “A Drop of the Venom” Harkens Back to the Days of Serial Adventure Novels

Episode #1: “Leviathan’s Bane”

A chance rescue on the high seas brings together an unlikely pairing: an aging submarine captain on a lifelong quest and a wayward confidence man down on his luck. As their vessel succumbs to a mysterious force, it becomes apparent the aging submariner is not at all what he seems. In the course of a single night, a tale will unfold…a tale of obsession, invention, and vengeance.  Delve into deeper mysteries, where treasured answers may be found – if one were willing to sample…A Drop of the Venom.

Stephen Apolloni, founder of Penny Gaff Publishing, is pleased that Andrew has joined the ranks of authors published by the company. “Andrew was a natural selection for working on the Clockhaven Chronicles, given his period appropriate writing style, his knowledge of the genre, and the ease with which his stories fit into serialized fiction.  He is a genuine talent and breathes new life into the gentleman adventurer tales of old.”

Andrew McCurdy, Author: A lifelong bibliophile, Andrew opened his first library of steampunk fiction before he’d ever heard the word ‘steampunk’. Located high in a tree house in his back yard, it featured the works of Wells, Verne and Burroughs. He was sorely vexed when his cousins appropriated the library as a strategic neighborhood fortification, defending against the troublesome forays perpetrated by the horde from the next block over. Sadly, he came to realize that the arts suffer in times of war. Contemplating this new political understanding, he spent hours watching the clockwork in his father’s antique music box, imagining ways of refashioning it into the ultimate weapon of deterrence.

Ashley Walters, Illustrator: Ashley Walters has had a passion for art ever since she could pick up a crayon. She drew constantly in her spare time and began drawing portraits for clients at the ripe old age of 12. Since then she has graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Integrated Studio Art from BYU-Idaho in 2008. She has worked as a graphic designer/web designer for BYU-Idaho and Clarus Marketing and continues to work as a freelance artist and designer. Her work has been featured on book covers and she has been published in Exotique 7, and Imagine FX magazine.

Penny Gaff Publishing, LLC specializes in speculative fiction (specifically clockpunk, steampunk, and dieselpunk) ePublications. PDF format books can be purchased online at They are also available as ePubs at Barnes and Noble, and .mobi at iBook formats are coming soon. Look for Penny Gaff Publishing at deviantART and Facebook as well!