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A while back, I decided that I would start reviewing every book I read. I hope you find the reviews enjoyable and helpful. If you're an author and wish for me to consider reviewing your book, read on! I post all my reviews here at A License to Quill. I post them at Goodreads if the book is listed. I post them at Amazon only if  if I got the book as an Amazon Verified Purchase. This means either I've bought the book out of my own pocket, or an author has given me an Amazon promotional link to get their book for free through Amazon.

I know some people don't care for Amazon's business practices. Fair enough. I also accept books for review in Word documents, PDF files, Google docs, and even Notepad files. Yes, I once read an entire novel in Notepad. It was pretty good, too.

The genres I enjoy reading the most are Steampunk (my chosen genre for writing), mysteries (I grew up with Nancy Drew), humor (Dave Barry? Terry Pratchett? Douglas Adams? Yes please.) I also love historical fiction, *good* time travel, and paranormal romps. I occasionally enjoy science fiction and fantasy. Beyond fiction, I love a good biography, and am always a sucker for a local history book. For examples,  Sons of the Profits by Bill Speidel is a fabulous book about Victorian era Seattle, and Lauren Bacall By Myself captivated me.

If you'written a book and wish it had more reviews, you think it'd be one I'll enjoy, and are willing to give me a copy, feel free to contact me via the form below. Tell me about your book, and if I'd like to read it, we'll talk about how you can get it to me.


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