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As I finished up some business in town, I was given some urgent news. A ship recently arrived in the harbor in New Babbage was discovered to be on fire! Of course, I rushed down to the docks to check it out. The spectacle was drawing quite a crowd, but apparently the word wasn’t reaching any of our local firefighters.

Some of us locals did what Babbagers tend to do in the face of a crises of this sort. We roasted marshmallows.

Pretty. Pretty. Oh, Babbage! Pretty. Pretty!

If you haven’t yet seen Lainy Voom’s Postcard, scoot over there! Turn up your speakers for some very nice accompanying music, and marvel at some of the most beautiful locations in SL.

Scroll down the page and you’ll find SLurl’s to all the locations featured in the postcard, including my own beloved hometown of New Babbage.

The Seraph Crew Rides Again

Ceejay’s beloved Captain Maelstorme Smythe has posted yet another exciting chapter about the adventures of the Seraph Crew in his journal, Mael’s Mindforge. Go read! It’s epic!

And if you’re not following along with the story… why not?? Go back to the beginning and read your way up. It’s a great adventure, wonderfully told, with plenty of drama and humor.